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We are a foster based rescue located throughout Long Island, NY & surrounding areas.

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Pit of our Souls

We are a 501c3 Non-profit Animal Rescue that deals with dogs near & far, who are in need of forever homes. We focus primarily on bully breed dogs, however we adopt out dogs of all sizes, ages & breeds.

We are a foster based rescue located throughout Long Island, NY & surrounding areas & WE ARE ALWAYS IN NEED OF FOSTERS! Pit of Our Souls Rescue is a proud team made up of Melissa, Vee, Mia, Nicole, Denise, Jess, Kathy, Scott & Roger.

Our focus is not only to rescue and re-home those in need, but to educate and rehabilitate to prevent the cycle from continuing to the best of our ability.


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Bringing a dog into your life is a very big decision that requires a lot of thought and planning. Pit Bulls are a very special breed that require a lot of love and attention. In an effort to educate the public as well as potential adoptees and fosters we ask that you please read through our breed info page so that you can be familiar with the history, facts and myths associated with these wonderful dogs.

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Happy Tails



I always told myself when Monty died I would help another dog, one in need who no one wanted. He died on a Monday and that Wednesday I saw a plea to help an emaciated, abused dog left tied to a fence. I just knew I had to help her. I filled out a foster application instantly and by that Friday I drove almost 4 hours to pick her up from the rescue that saved her to foster her. She was scared but she trusted me instantly. I think of that book, are you my mother. I think she knew I was there to save her and she’s been a stage 5 clinger ever since. She’s gained at least 15 lbs, a lot of confidence and her feisty personality shines through now. I know Monty is looking down on me with a big smile. The similarities between her and Monty are uncanny, they both have similar markings and personalities. I know she was sent my way through him. This is what one month of properly feeding and loving a dog looks like. Who rescued who?! 🥹❤️ She’s literally and figuratively on top of the world (check out the last picture). Follow her journey - NOVA & Her New Beginning.