About Us


We are a 501c3 Non-profit Animal Rescue that deals primarily with dogs from our local shelters who are in need of forever homes. We will never turn away a dog in need of any breed, size or type. We are a foster based rescue with plans on opening a facility in the future through the support gained by the community. We are ALWAYS IN NEED OF FOSTERS! Founded in the winter of 2012 by Voula Parisis and Melissa Arnold-Velazquez; We are now a team of 9 having brought on board Denise, Scott, Kathy, Jessica, Mia, Nicole & Roger. Our focus is not only to rescue and re-home those in need, but to educate and rehabilitate to prevent the cycle from continuing, as much as we possibly can. We offer boarding, training, & as much assistance as possible to community members in need.


Our strict adoption policies include, but are not limited to, a thorough application process, an initial phone screen, and home visits accompanied by both personal and vet reference checks.

  • Fosters
  • Adoptions
  • Rescues

All of our volunteers are experienced dog owners and are always happy to work with adopters/potential adopters with any questions or concerns they may have.  Potential adopters are educated about dog ownership and are given comprehensive information about the specific dog they are interested in.

Just as much as we are here to rescue, we are here to educate and work to change the immediate image and stereotypes people have of rescued dogs.

Rest In Peace Lou Harding one of the original Members of Pit of Our Souls Rescue