Food & Medical 850$ Per Month

Pacino is a young male bully mix – about 2 years old & medium build. He is fully vaccinated and neutered, and has no health concerns with the exception of issues with ear infections.

Pacino had a rough start in life & takes significant time to warm up to new people, if he is willing to engage, as he displays visible fear of new surroundings. Pacino becomes afraid around other dogs & would prefer to be the only pet in his forever home to ensure he can consistently do as well as possible. In his home, he allows all handling from his foster mom & will sometimes open up periodically to new people before becoming afraid & unsure. 

Pacino is available for adoption through Pit of Our Souls Rescue!


700$ Per Month

Reeses is a male pittie/hound mix, currently almost 2 yrs old. He is fixe, utd on all medical needs and is in good overall health with no concerns.

Behaviorally, Reeses would thrive in an adult only home with people that are very active. Reeses loves to play, exercise, & is extremely motivated to please when he knows what people want. He knows his commands well and gets excited to work for rewards. Reeses would thrive without young children in his home, as he has shown to thrive in more calm environments. However, Reeses is not a couch potato & requires stimulating activity to exercise both his body and his mind. He especially thrives with structure and routine, and his perfect home will be able to set him up for success!